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Join Bryan, Jennifer, Kevin, and Rob every week as they cover pop culture, movies, tv, comic books, and other random topics.


December 24, 2018

Episode 80 - Gameshow

As you may remember, or perhaps try to forget, every 10 episodes we do some form of a gameshow. This week Kevin is back at the helm and just in time for Christmas! So grab some eggnog and some figgy pudding and prepare to unwrap this week's all new episode!

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September 5, 2018

Episode 70 - Commonalities

This week Jennifer takes the reigns and shows the boys how a gameshow episode is done. Join us as she drags Bryan, Kevin, and Rob kicking and screaming through topics ranging from the TV shows 'Friends' and ‘Saved by the Bell’ to extremely obscure former constellations and retro candies.

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This week the game show returns with Bryan at the helm. We've got bad impressions, squishy pants, and a sexy beast, so strap on your thinking caps and prepare for Last Podcaster Standing!

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Join us this week for our oversized, extra-long, under-hyped, and yet somehow still underwhelming 50th episode gameshow spectacular! Kevin takes the reigns and exacts his revenge upon Bryan, Jennifer, and Rob. Will Bryan be able to navigate Kevin's diabolical and ever changing rules to defend his title as gameshow champion? Listen to this all new episode to find out! There is a bit of uncensored swearing, so if you have young children around or delicate ears, beware.

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This week the gang discovers that game shows are hard, especially when everyone is in different states. Jennifer has memory issues. Rob doesn't know what dolphins sound like. Kevin has ideas for his own gameshow. Bryan is competitive and argumentative. 


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The original gameshow episode has been recovered from the great beyond!

Special note about this episode

As some of you may remember, the original run of The BigTime Podcast was 36 episodes. In 2015, the podcast took a two year hiatus and all episodes were removed from our hosting site. At some point during the break, the hard drive storing all of the original episodes crashed. When the podcast returned in 2017, we started where the show left off at episode 37, but we only had recovered a few of the original episodes which left many new listeners wondering, "Where are episodes 1-36?".

So now you know! And knowing is half the battle!

We are working to recover all of the original episodes and will continue to upload them as they become available.

The original episode description is below.


This week, Kevin and Ernie face off in a special game show where one lucky listener could win a $20 Target gift card.  Note:  Portions of this episode not affecting the outcome of the game were HEAVILY edited.  In other words there’s some REALLY long pauses between questions and answers so we just tightened things up so there’s not so much dead air.

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