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Join Bryan, Jennifer, Kevin, and Rob every week as they cover pop culture, movies, tv, comic books, and other random topics.


This week Kevin’s under attack after some “verbal feedback” on the show is given.  Also, a new segment wherein the boys do their “best” impressions of celebrities and try to recite famous movie monologues.  Seriously, its like the arctic everywhere you go these days… so what else do you have to do besides listen?

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The original gameshow episode has been recovered from the great beyond!

Special note about this episode

As some of you may remember, the original run of The BigTime Podcast was 36 episodes. In 2015, the podcast took a two year hiatus and all episodes were removed from our hosting site. At some point during the break, the hard drive storing all of the original episodes crashed. When the podcast returned in 2017, we started where the show left off at episode 37, but we only had recovered a few of the original episodes which left many new listeners wondering, "Where are episodes 1-36?".

So now you know! And knowing is half the battle!

We are working to recover all of the original episodes and will continue to upload them as they become available.

The original episode description is below.


This week, Kevin and Ernie face off in a special game show where one lucky listener could win a $20 Target gift card.  Note:  Portions of this episode not affecting the outcome of the game were HEAVILY edited.  In other words there’s some REALLY long pauses between questions and answers so we just tightened things up so there’s not so much dead air.

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This week, special guest co-host Rob Whitt rejoins Bryan to conclude the conversation on Man Of Steel and other Superman related topics. In addition, thoughts are offered as to how DC Comics can improve their "New 52" lineup. We kept it clean last time, so don't be too surprised if there's at least one little bit of profanity in this weeks show. Again, special thanks to Jeff McDonough for The Big Time Podcast theme... We really need to hire an announcer and get some professional credits for this show so we don't have to keep addressing oversights from the actual show in the show notes.

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Bryan sits down with special guest co-host Rob Whitt to talk about the movie, Man of Steel. This episode is ground zero for Rob's ongoing mission to ruin Superman for Bryan.

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