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Join Bryan, Jennifer, Kevin, and Rob every week as they cover pop culture, movies, tv, comic books, and other random topics.


This week Bryan, Jennifer, and Rob talk a little about an upcoming episode of Star Trek Discovery directed by Jonothon Frakes. They also review the first episode of the SyFy show, Krypton, which Bryan affectionately calls "Crap Ton".

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April 18, 2018

Episode 53 - Just the Tip

This week Jennifer, Bryan, Kevin, and Rob share movies they enjoy that aren't necessarily well known, some of which might actually be good! From the not so creepy smile of Mr. Sardonicus, the "Great Allnighter" of Midnight Madness, the hillariously bad beach ball alien of Darkstar, to the terrifyingly bad acrobatic sexcipades of Showgirls. Kevin even throws a couple extra movies in just for good measure. 



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Join us this week as we take a trip back to our childhoods and talk about Saturday morning cartoons, live-action shows, and chracters in the 70s and early 80s. We actually manage to stay mostly on target this week so crawl out of bed, stay in your jammies, and curl up in front on the tv...err..computer...or whatever device you are listening on and enjoy this dose of nostalgia!

Some of the cartoons/shows discussed: Thundarr the Barbarian,Superfriends, Loony Toons, Scooby Doo, Laff-A-Lympics, Wonderbug, Speed buggy, Smurfs, He-Man, The Littles, Mighty Mouse, Inch High Private Eye, Bozo the clown, School House Rock, The Great Space Coaster.

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This week Jennifer shares her dental horror story, Rob is surpised to learn that Bryan willingly took an acting class in college, and Kevin talks about his goal of writing a screen play.

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