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Join Bryan, Jennifer, Kevin, and Rob every week as they cover pop culture, movies, tv, comic books, and other random topics.

January 10, 2018

Episode 39 - Kevin would rather smell feet…allegedly

This week marks our first attempt using the marvels of modern technology to create a podcast with hosts located in different cities across the country. joining us from the remote corners of the Nevada desert, the team welcomes back original co-host Kevin MacDonald!

Everyone shares their New Year's resolutions. Kevin stumps Bryan. The guys solve sexual harassment for woman. Jennifer needs an operator's manual for Bryan. Kevin debates the finer points of decomposing corpses and foot hygiene. Bryan has OCD. Rob ruins Superman (again).

Topics include: American Splendor, Harvey Pekar, Sexual Harassment in Hollywood, The Oscars, Kevin Spacey, Roman Polanski, Riverdale, The Walking Dead, Superman 2, Superman Returns.

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